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Driver Check Hardware Info app from ATI Flashing Tool has had a makeover and is now called Driver Check.

It now sports a Close button to properly exit the app.

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The caldron containing the wax blocks had turned into an inferno of molten wax.

45 minutes go by before I realized that my kitchen was starting to catch fire.

I have a son from a previous relationship, but we don't have children yet together. We decided in 2013 that we would start saving for our big day. Now the reason I'm still here telling you this story is because of my fiancé. He pulled me out of the fire and threw himself on me to smother the flames. He took this literal "hot mess" that I now was, and made dam sure I fought my way back to who I was before. Anything we had saved for the wedding was used for the basics and our mortgage. Thinking that I had turned the burner off, I walked away to fold laundry.He pushed me, guided me and loved me while I learned to function, stand, walk and eventually ride all by myself again. Here is this guy, who had a good looking woman that prided herself on her independence and drive, who now needed help wiping her own butt, and using a spoon. Now, just days past the 1 year anniversary of my accident I decided to reach out in hopes that our story might stir the hopeless romantics out there to help us make our dream wedding a possibility. If any of you wonderful people would like to attend our "epic love celebration" we will save you a seat. You two are amazing people and I hope your day turns out just like you dreamt it! We also present our B2B networking mixer every 2nd Thursday of each month in Scottsdale.We’ve been elevating the quality of business and social events for business professionals; couples and singles since 2003.

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