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Mostly, the film focuses on her daily life: Sitting at her desk making calls, having dinner with her wife, and even a late night emergency trip to the vet.

It’s very intimate, the camera catching her in these simple moments.

The Feminist Porn Award winner’s segment was one of my favorites to watch.

She’s smart and unapologetic, and yet very realistic about the porn industry, it’s pitfalls and stigmas.

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During some of the women’s stories, I found myself totally captivated, while others seemed to drag.I imagine every viewer will find this process different, as each of us relate to people in different ways.This is not a documentary about titillation or getting off, even though there is quite a bit of nudity and some masturbation sequences.It was difficult to watch, but I couldn't tear myself away.I didn't watch the original broadcast on CNN on that horrible day.

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