Nigeria nude

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She told the UN Assembly that Nigerian women, under the aegis of the Gender Electoral and Constitution Memoranda Committee, had recently demanded that 35 per cent of all elected government posts be reserved for them and had recently submitted to the National Electoral Reform Committee in Abuja an appeal to repeal all laws -- including the Constitution and the Electoral Act -- that militated against womens participation in politics and their holding of elected posts.

The Minister spoke on how Nigeria had worked in the past several years to protect the rights of women and girls in education, employment, health, the court system, the home, conflict prevention and peace promotion.

The belly and or waist of a female above the age of 14 years; iv.

Any part of the body from two (2) inches below the shoulders downwards to the knee of a female person above the age of 14 years; v.

It received mixed reception in the Senate yesterday.

Since the bill was introduced for debate in the Senate on February 6, 2008 there have been mixed reactions both on the floor of the senate and utside.

Senator Eme Ufot Ekaette who formed membership of Nigerias 73 member delegation at the occasion could not utter a word in defense of the bill she vehemently pursues at home.Not enough was being done, they said, to curb such harmful traditional customs as genital mutilation, legal wife beating and degrading widowhood practices that denied widows their inheritance and sometimes forced them out of their homes.Experts also took a swipe at the gender pay gap, sexual harassment and discrimination in the work place, particularly practised by the banking sector, against unmarried and pregnant women.When she spoke, Ekaette, who is of the committee on Women and Youth Development in the senate spoke on other issues pertaining women but was loudly silent on her pet project.The issue of the nudity bill was equally loudly ignored by other experts from different parts of the world who chose to speak on more relevant issues like violence against women, rape, female genital mutilation, women and childs right and proper representation of women in the politics and economic life of the Nigerian nation and government.

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