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You can journet with us as we take a look at lots of matchmaker sites and services.Many services out there on the Internet have been reported in a negative light from our members, these are sites that look professional, charge a lot and offer very little in return and - 90% are not owned by believers at all but by secular companies and just operated for profit.Forget the other person being perfect until you are in your best shape spiritually, physically and mentally!At that point you can expect God to give you the keys to the Ferrarrii and not sooner!101 also provides information on the cheapest, the most expensive and the best value date services for singles and Christian dating sites.

Harris's book struck a chord with an entire generation of young believers.

It's very clear that character comes way before looks, beuaty and riches - and that seeking after anything else exclusively is futile, and whilst it may be fun for a short time, it's likey to end in tears if we have not based our choice on the sound character traits decsribed in The Bible and not only that - we are both commited at the start to remain faithful and stick with that person we have chosen through thick and thin, rich ir poor and yes - health and sickness just as our Lord does with us and has done with Irael despite all her and our faults.

It's about time Christian singles were told the truth; it's not about waiting for the perfect person - it's about making the 'perfect' person (clearly no one's perfect but that's not the point here) for your partner and allowing God to shape you into Christ's likness.

For the last four years, I have lived in a very conservative Midwestern town of 35,000.

And Starbucks and Barnes & Noble are nowhere (penned when he was only 21), has caught the attention of hordes of young women of my generation—particularly those who are evangelical Christians.

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