No sign up video 1on1 chats

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They also don't have the app and have to upload that. Easy to use though I think the changes are sometimes un-needed. Everything bogs down until update is done, afterwards I have to re-enter data.

Pros: I like the fact that I can pre-load the layout tabs and have all my presentations and PDF documents ready to present at the click of a single button.

This prevents unwanted notifications from being shared while presenting.

Cons: My coworkers have an unbelievable amount of trouble figuring it out.

I can tell this is a program meant first and foremost as a tool for meetings, and I cannot endorse it as a regular digital classroom until some of the above issues are addressed. Allows for stable use of audio and visual communication with large groups.When using link pods, one person clicking the link opens it on everyone else's computer.There is severely limited flexibility when it comes to learning options for a classroom, especially for creating interactive experiences, such as games or worksheets.The white board function is virtually unusable due to poor interface and inability to switch between functions smoothly.PDF files require constant resizing to get to a point where they are readable, and often have lots of wasted dead space. When screen sharing it is difficult to access the functionality of the room itself.

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