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A swipe to the left is a "no," a flick to the right is a "yes."And if you both swipe right, you're a match. Then there is there is the story of Phil Dibartolo of Fairmount and Lindsay Mc Menamin of Northern Liberties.Two Tinder swipes to the right resulted in their now-serious relationship, a rare feat."She seemed like a really nice girl, but not too overly inviting," Dibartolo said."We are a Tinder success story," Mc Menamin said.

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He had trouble finding the right words and could not write.The Noosa Men's Shed on the Sunshine Coast became the venue for the weekend wedding of Gavin Menkens and Julie Lehnhoff.It was the first wedding ever to be held in the shed, which was purpose-built by its members.But our research, published in Personality and Individual Differences, found that some people who used these methods of finding love had a far more antisocial agenda.I've discussed how internet trolls in general are more likely to be male, and are more likely to have higher levels of "darker" personality traits, including nonclinical psychopathy and sadism.

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