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It could be the way your daughter talks about the boy at school.

Maybe it’s the spark in your son’s eye when he spots a particular lady from youth group.

However, those who push for courtship as the only correct method of interaction for teenagers may have a romanticized view tradition.

Perhaps courtship dampened teenage sexual mistakes, but there were still many troubled marriages back then.

If you realize you’re more of a bodyguard, how can you switch to being a coach?

It begins by letting go of the anxiety and giving up some of the control.

Abuse, infidelity, and divorce were still part of the fabric of society.

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In the last few years, there have been many books, lectures, and debates on both sides of the argument, each clamoring for our attention. Boiled down to fundamentals, courtship and dating can be defined by the amount of parental control.When it comes to that stage in your children’s life, what do you do?What is the role of mom and dad in a teen’s romantic life?For many of us, when we begin to notice the signs of attraction in our teens, we start to feel nervous and queasy.“” We realize that in today’s culture, concerned parents approach the subject of their children dating with caution.

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