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This includes using phone forwarding features, phone company rerouting, rerouting services provided by outside companies, and similar services provided by VOIP phone providers.

You must be Telmate Verified to receive phone calls and deposit funds for inmates.History: Silver Stem Cannabis proudly joined the Portland cannabis community in May 2015, and are proud to have served their patrons for nearly three years.The founders, cannabis industry professionals, moved back to their hometown of Portland, Oregon to take part in the state’s new recreational industry and help both adult use and medical customers access an excellent marijuana experience.Alternative types of calling plans currently offered in the community, if used in the correctional environment, would bypass mandatory security features, so they are not allowed by the Oregon Department of Corrections.DOC will not answer questions about an inmate’s account.

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    Inquire why he/she won’t video chat with you and suggest you instead meet in person.