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I am here to see Bruce Lee but they put the focus on some white guy, Steve Mc Kee (Billy Magnussen). The director should go back to writing to spare us further torture. Meanwhile, a white guy actually stars as the main character of the movie, gets the (Asian) girl, and wins the day. This propaganda piece focuses on stereotyping, dehumanizing, and denigrating Asians and Asian culture. If you google 'kulturemedia' , you'll find a bunch more examples where western media wages war against Asians in this century.

The script is shockingly dull and absurd, the fight scenes aren't exceptional, the stunt guy who plays Bruce Lee captures zero essence of Bruce Lee, his acting pure ham. This entire film is a carefully hidden propaganda piece that portrays Lee as some unsexual, angry, kung fu loser who accomplishes nothing. A film about Bruce Lee that ISN' T actually about Bruce?

Utterly disrespectful and I hope all the film makers involved in this production never work again.

In real life, Bruce Lee ended up marrying a white girl.

Overall, if you're looking for a biopic, skip this movie and watch DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY instead.

If you're looking for an action film, watch literally ANY OTHER movie than this one. Lee is the antagonist here, portrayed as a trash-talking hooligan versus the wise and philosophical Wong Jack Man.

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