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What really made the Vikings different was the fact that they seemed to take special care to destroy items of religious value (Christian monasteries and holy sites) and kill churchmen, which earned them quite a bit of hatred in a highly religious time.

Misconception: The Vikings were a nation The Vikings were not one nation but different groups of warriors, explorers and merchants led by a chieftain.Another theory is that the old trade routes of western Europe and Eurasia experienced a decline in profitability when the Roman Empire fell in the 5th century, forcing the Vikings to open new trading routes in order to profit from international trade. [Image Copyright © Rolf Hicker] Misconception: The Vikings were hated everywhere One could imagine that the Vikings were hated everywhere because of their raids, but it seems that they were also respected by some.The French King Charles the III – known as Charles the Simple – gave the Vikings the land they had already settled on in France (Normandy), and he even gave his daughter to the Viking chief Rollo.To this day, Saturday is referred to as laugardagur / laurdag / lørdag / lördag, or “washing day” in the Scandinavian languages, though the original meaning is lost in modern speech in most cases.However, “laug” does still mean “bath” or “pool” in Icelandic.

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