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:) We've discovered cultural differences that are worth being aware of to get you enjoying yourself sooner than we did. Your most solid bet is if she shows up on the date.Cut the cultural learning curve with these tips so that you can spend more time doing getting to the fun parts with your dates. The problem is that you can't tell if beautiful Japanese women are into you because they are always so polite. You could be thinking that you're doing a good job attracting her when in reality she can't wait for you to leave. (For more on what dating in Japan is like click here.)You can rest easy knowing that she'll be into you and not what you might dread she's into: your money. They are okay with being silly and goofy (much more so than Chinese or Korean women).

After 10 years in Japan as expats we can say that you're in for some fun!So if you go on a date - what are your chances for you both to get more intimate?This is what makes dating a Japanese woman (fortunately) different than most other Asian women in Asia.In fact we suggest going on dates with a Japanese office lady. In fact on dates it's quite common for women to pull out their purses when it's time to pay.This is different than say in Hong Kong or Bangkok where you'll always be expected to pay.

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