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We have a whole manifesto for positive discrimination for redheads: we want more gingers at Oxford, more gingers in Parliament . There are red beards, red mohicans, red curls, red spikes and even a red afro.

” ‘We’re fighting against gingerism — the last acceptable form of racism. ‘We’re from Milano,’ says one of them, shoving a card in my hand. ‘At home I am the only one — now here, I’m everywhere,’ she says. I’m standing in a sea of more than a 1,000 redheads with hair of every shade: copper, mahogany, strawberry, auburn and day-glo orange.

‘It’s all about empowerment and confidence.’ (That said, we defy you to check out the site and not want to dye your hair red – if only for a while.) READ MORE: Ten Fashion ‘Rules’ We’re Sick Of Hearing A desire to help redheads feel comfortable and confident in their own skin (or hair, you could say) is at the core of the website, which hopes to dispel the many myths redheads encounter about what you can and can’t wear. We think that redheads can wear anything and we prove that a lot with the fashion stories on our site.’ The girls believe it’s all about working with what you’ve got.

But rather than be ashamed of their fiery locks, they are empowered by them – indeed, they’ve built a bona fide business out of their fiery manes, with their blog .

Gingernuts have travelled from around the world to be here — from Australia, Canada, South Africa and South America — to have a group picture taken and participate in a weekend of events including lectures about being a redhead, the biggest ever redhead Mexican wave and a huge outdoor screening of Moulin Rouge, featuring the redhead Nicole Kidman.

We’ve gathered in the town square in Breda, Holland, to celebrate the 6th International Redhead Day.

Running for four years, with a team of 20 people, this is no small feat: a celebration of all things ginger (well, except Mick Hucknall – there is a limit), where fellow reds, dyed or otherwise, can be as out and proud about their hair colour as the site’s founders.

's New York office, from which a stellar daily dose of ginge-focused fashion and beauty content is dispatched.

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