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This is a once-in-a-lifetime, I’ve-been-there experience. Making the trip gives you membership in the exclusive society of the quarter of a billion other humans who have made the Eiffel Tower the most visited monument in the modern world.Crowds overwhelm this place much of the year, with one- to two-hour waits to get in (unless it’s rainy, when lines can evaporate).Though only 130 years old, it’s impressive and iconic, with a mosaic-filled interior and a climbable dome. Arnaud: They’d say “Yes, sure,”…but it would come after the meal. No one would show Courbet’s work, so he put on his own art show. Impressionism initiated the greatest change in art since the Renaissance.This state-capitol-style Neoclassical monument celebrates France’s illustrious history and people, balances Foucault’s pendulum, and is the final home of many French VIPs. He built a little shack in the center of town and hung his paintings — basically thumbing his nose at the shocked public and his conservative critics. Now, artists were freed to delve into the world of colors, light, and fleeting impressions.

For decades, priests led ceremonial processions of black-veiled, bone-laden carts into these former limestone quarries, where the bones of six million Parisians were eventually stacked in piles five feet high and as much as 80 feet deep. Auguste Renoir caught Parisians living and loving in the afternoon sun. In this painting you can almost feel the sun’s warmth and smell the powder on the women’s faces.

Explanations are in French only, but many displays are self-explanatory. Montmartre — a Parisian hill crowned by the dramatic neo-Byzantine Sacré-Cœur church — was famous for the ambience captured by the Impressionists.

You’ll see models of medieval Paris, maps of the city over the centuries, paintings of Parisian scenes, French Revolution paraphernalia — including a small guillotine — and fully furnished rooms re-creating life in Paris in different eras. Rick: I can’t believe I’m eating raw beef and it tastes good. A block away, the Place du Tertre is jumbled with artists — and tourists.

The Orsay houses the best general collection anywhere of Manet, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Van Gogh, Cézanne, and Gauguin. If you don’t like Impressionism, visit this museum. Faster than a taxi can take us, we hurtle beneath the city to our next stop. The love queen reclines seductively — just born from the foam of a wave.

I find it a more enjoyable and rewarding place than the Louvre. The Orsay Gallery, famous for its much-loved collection of Impressionist masterpieces, fills an old train station. At the time, sex was considered dirty, and could be exalted only in a more pure and divine form.

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