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Iroquoian-speaking groups lived in the Blackwater River and Nottoway River watersheds.Just across what would become the Virginia-North Carolina border lived the Tuscarora along the Roanoke, Neuse, Tar, and Pamlico rivers.The Iroquoian-speaking Cherokees lived in southwestern Virginia.At the time the Europeans arrived, total Native American population may have been 50,000 people within the boundaries of what is now Virginia.The company sent 3,570 people to America during these three years... Instead, new farms were established in eastern Virginia along the navigable portions of rivers that flowed into the Chesapeake Bay.

The exterior of pottery was smoothed with different tools and decorated differently.Different traveling bands chose at different times to start growing crops and to occupy settled towns for longer periods.Different groups established distinctive religious and political practices, in different places and at different times.different tempers, rim styles, and smoothing patterns indicate changing Native American populations during the Woodland Period Source: University of North Carolina - Research Laboratories of Archeology, The Woodland and Mississippian Periods in North Carolina Additional Algonquian-speaking Native Americans lived north of the Rappahannock River watershed outside of Powhatan's control.There was an unknown number of a Siouan-speaking groups such as the Monacan, Manahoac, Occaneechee, and Saponi living west of the Fall Line.

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