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When it comes to double-edged safety razors, the Schick Krona is probably one of the most legendary.Introduced in 1959, the Krona “Chrome” edge blades were some of the first to have an injector with a built-in used blade vault.You’ll have to look around for a razor that has so much going for it for so little a price.In an age where companies left and right are trying to emulate the look of the past and charge you a premium for it, sometimes it pays off to actually have something from a previous era so you can get a more authentic wet shaving experience. I think there are only 4 variations of the Krona, and the only difference I'm aware of between them is the TTO knob. I find the Krona to be a fairly mild razor and one of my favorites. I'll pull it out and get some pics of it to put up. I do like the heavier weight of the metal tip Krona. I don't know how they plated the metal of the Krona, but most seem to age tremendously well. It has the plain brushed metal head with no writing on it.

If you get a Krona, whether as a collector, a shaving veteran or a newbie, there’s at least one reason you won’t be disappointed.This was awesome for shavers, as it meant that you could take your safety razor wherever you went while not having to deal with the icky step of disposing of used razor blades.You know how people say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?There's the all black plastic handle, except for a chrome ring between the handle and the tip, and there a version with a black plastic handle with a chrome tip.There may be others, but I just bought these two versions a few days ago.

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