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But work does not come within the scope of the Scheme, whether or not she pays her brother.However, a mother employing a friend to look after her child would not constitute work if there was no payment but, if the friend received payment, it would constitute work.The meaning of normal duties is elaborated at section 2.6.(5.) Are there any exceptions which apply?There are some exceptions to what might otherwise be regulated work and these are explained at section 2.710.

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Conviction for either of these offences may result in a fine, imprisonment up to five years, or both.7. This chapter explains the concept of regulated work in order to help individuals and organisations to decide which positions fall within the definition.2.It is not possible to provide a definitive list of roles, positions or types of employment that constitute regulated work, not least because the structure and descriptions of peoples' work is constantly changing.Note that there is no equivalent offence for personal employers; they can ask anybody to do regulated work (but it would still be an offence for a barred person to do it).8.In order to avoid committing the offence, organisations must work out whether or not the work they are asking an individual to do is regulated work and, if it is, should ask for one of the types of disclosure record discussed in chapter 1.9.

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