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Carice Van Houten is a Netherland-based actress as well as a singer.She is known mostly for her lead role in the Dutch film- Black Book.Suddenly, a group of mercenaries led by Billy Speck (Westwick) invade the island and hold the privileged lot hostage for the largest ransom in history: one billion dollars.When Kyle learns they are all to be killed even if the ransom is paid, their wilderness survival training is the only hope of outwitting the mercenaries and staying alive.On the date 7th April 2016, her father passed away. She then joined the Maastricht Academy of Dramatic Arts but later moved to Kleinkunstacademie in Amsterdam to graduate with her major in Dramatic Arts.She was raised along with her younger sister Jelka Van Houten who is also an actress. Van Houten first debuted with her lead role character as Suzy Q. She gained instant fame and recognition along with awards that marked her career’s breakthrough.The movie follows a group of over-privileged, out-of-control young adults who have been sent by their frustrated, billionaire parents to a tough-love wilderness school on a remote island off the coast of Scotland.Kyle (Sumpter) and Amy (Tonkin) find themselves in this group as a last opportunity for them to take responsibility for their own lives and abandon their reckless ways, or risk being disinherited.

Without them Paul Verhoeven couldn't have done this with such a magnitude.

In 2006, she played the lead role of Rachel Stein in the film Black Book.

She gained worldwide recognition for her acting skills.

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The 29-year-old actor stars alongside Jeremy Sumpter, Phoebe Tonkin, Dominic Sherwood, Elliot Knight, and Sebastian Koch in the film, being released in theaters and on demand on August 19.

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