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When it comes to euthanasia, it’s ALL about the owner and the pet. They are able to focus on saying goodbye rather than wincing and being upset when their pet objects to handling. Not one of these objections has anything to do with the owner or the pet! Unfortunately, sometimes change happens, and if you’re relocating across the country that is going to be a major change for your kitty in many ways. They don’t like it, and they would rather not deal with it.

Every second the owner spends apart from their pet is a second of increased anxiety and guilt. With sedation, it’s only a big deal if I make it a big deal.Your drugged-up kitty may be too “relaxed” to carry on and complain, but the reality is she won’t be able to balance or otherwise control her own body in a situation where she already feels out of control and anxious.It is essential to talk with your vet about your expected relocation drive before you even consider sedating Princess.I give my feline patients drug cocktails with whopping doses of acepromazine. I almost always get the vein (and I’m not a great phlebotomist by any stretch of the imagination).My canine patients get both acepromazine and xylazine. We have a tendency to psych ourselves out with superstition about veins.

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