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First, the victim’s age on the date of the assault must be 14 years old or younger and your age must be over 19 when the assault occurred.First degree sexual assault of a minor charges can also take place when the victim is aged between 12 and 16 and you were at least 25 years old.The maximum sentence for a Class IIIA felony is five years in prison and a ,000 fine.If the sentence is less than a year in prison, then the sentence is served in a city or county jail.Creating a Great Dating Profile on Senior People What to do When You, Me and the Ex Makes Three?

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A conviction for first degree sexual assault of a minor is a Class IB felony.

You will be facing felony counts regardless of which sexual assault of a minor you are charged with.

A second-degree sexual assault of a minor is a Class II felony for the first offense.

Society looks at crimes and punishment in varying degrees.

Society is very strict when it comes to children and minors.

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