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The ancient speaks to the present, and the wisdom of the ages helps us to sense our connection to God.Liturgy is an invitation to participate in a different world, a different sense of time. The service of Holy Baptism is a happy occasion in the life of the church.These organizations accept in principle the documents of the Second Vatican Council, and regard the changes associated with the Council (such as the revision of the Mass) as legitimate, if often prudentially unwise, but celebrate the older forms with the approval of the Holy See.See Communities using the Tridentine Mass for a more detailed list.In the Anglican/Episcopalian Tradition we put the liturgies we pray together most often in a book called The Book of Common Prayer.There are other books of liturgy as well, like the Book of Occasional Service (which, unsurprisingly, you only need occasionally), and Enriching Our Worship, a collection of liturgies with more gender-inclusive language.Contemplative Eucharist in the Chapel, usually followed by a shared breakfast.This service of readings, silence, and simple chant opens with several minutes of gently tolling bells and concludes with a celebration of Holy Eucharist.

There are special times throughout the year when candidates are baptized.

Others may attend the liturgies of Eastern Catholic Churches, if they are available.

There are also numerous local and international lay organizations of traditionalist Catholics, such as the youth-groups of Juventutem.

Discussions between the SSPX and the Holy See have been in progress for some years.

In January 2009 the Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops remitted the excommunications which the Congregation had declared to have been incurred by the Society's bishops in 1988.

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