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After a period of time the prisoners were transferred to jail in Angeles while the BNG lawyers fought to get the case and the charges dismissed.

After a further period of time and intensive legal negotiations the case was dismissed however the people remained in jail in Angeles.

The next day the dismissal notice was verified for the acting judge by a DOJ representative yet she still refused to sign a release order stating that it was not within her power to sign any release orders as she was only the acting judge.

This position went on for several days until the acting judge eventually relented and signed the release order.

While conducting the raid normal customers were detained in the bar they were visiting in some cases for nearly three hours.

The NBI agents were armed and threatened to use their guns should people become unruly.

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Here in Manila the BNG employees were questioned and many of the dancers were subjected to dental checks in order to determine if any of the girls were under age.

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Upon receiving the release order our lawyers presented it to the prison warden and the prisoners were then released.

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