Speed dating events pittsburgh

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On Tinder, there’s no way to judge mannerisms, tone of voice, height (very important in the online dating world), and really, overall personality.

How many times have you found yourself on a Tinder date with someone who seemed great online, but in real life wore a ton of man jewelry and pawed at you all night asking why you’re so afraid of intimacy?

Everyone was gainfully employed, sociable (mostly), and somewhat attractive (again, mostly).

The best part is that, drastically unlike Tinder, everyone there was actually looking for a relationship, or at the very least a second date.

We are passionate about fostering cross-medium connections and arts community development.

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If there are no matches, you’ll never know who liked you and vice versa -- somewhat akin to Tinder. There was the guy who just moved here from Texas who taught college courses online and was going to Venice for the summer because he could work from anywhere; the man who was raised by parents in the UN who spent his childhood in France, Morocco, Dubai, Rome, and about six other places; or the man who wasn’t physically my “type,” but who made me smile with his over-the-top laugh.

Far from what I expected, the majority of guys I met were… The constant flow of visuals in front of my face was also kind of like swiping through Tinder... But here’s where speed dating is completely different (read: infinitely better) than Tinder and any other dating app -- it accounts for chemistry.

The initial Steering Committee of 12 was formed through a general call for interested participants, and created operating procedures and purpose driven programming.

PEAL is an entirely volunteer-run organization, spearheaded by a 12 member steering committee.

PEAL serves and supports local emerging arts leaders by connecting them with resources, networking, and professional development opportunities.

Pittsburgh Emerging Arts Leaders (PEAL) exists to provide networking, resources and professional development opportunities to emerging arts managers in Pittsburgh.

PEAL is a project of the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council and an affiliate of Americans for the Arts’ Emerging Arts Leader Network.

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