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Hell, if the only Black women I saw were on or were Tyler Perry, Martin Lawrence or Keenan Thompson in a dress, I’d feel differently about us too.

Good thing I’m smart enough to know that race is a social construct that describes our perceptions and behavior and not a genetically determined fact. Satoshi Kanazawa and the editors of Psychology Today don’t realize such.

He wants you to join him in his skinny-dipping escapades, but this a public pool and no one is laughing. He wants to make sure when you leave schoolies you'll still keep in touch (you met for 15 minutes, and you will probably not speak to him ever again).

A few weeks ago my roommate and I were watching one of those Kardashian shows on E! Brothas may always be trynna holla, but they ain’t trying to holla at the elementary school set.

” Psychology Today has taken the article off the website, thanks to #Mahogany Twitter, though it has been reprinted in its entirety at AOL Black Voices.

Let me sum it up for you, in case you’re not into bar graphs and specious science.

And to the Greek owner of my lunch place who tells me how beautiful my smile is every day, I’m sorry that we can’t date; I wouldn’t want the world at large to question your judgement for being seen with an empirically hideous creature such as myself.

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But on your trip, you met (or, if you're yet to go, you can expect to meet) at least one of these guys. He's been there before (probably because he lives there). Only drinks the bar's specials because he helped invent them. There's always one guy at every party who gets too comfortable in the water (or even on land).

Perhaps Black women are portrayed by popular culture as prostitutes, toothless crackheads, and loud emasculating bitches.

Perhaps those portrayals, which are the only contact with Black women many Americans have, are what’s so unappealing to adolescents of all races.

Granted, I don’t get as much of the latter since I left Brooklyn, but I still turn a few heads a day.

The thing is, if you’re a Black woman over 18, bearing some semblance of put-together-ness (i.e., you look like you bathe and/or put some thought into your outfit) you will surely receive a compliment.

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