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I moved onto the other cheek, took the soft cheek into my mouth and sucked it. She started hugging me more tight when i kiss her on the neck and i found she liked it.

I kept on kissing her cheeks and neck as she hugged me hard.

She laid her hand on my cock and started pressing it.

I pulled my shorts down along with my underwear and my cock was free and standing erect. Once she had even gone down, As i asked her, to my cock and kissed it, sucked it, taking the cocks head in her mouth.

I did not even think, a net person can change my wife like this, as wild sexy girl.. I hope you enjoyed my previous story “Anjaly Aunty”.

She herself pulled her lips towards mine and i took them in.I took her hand and guided it near my cock saying ” touch it please”.My cock was so hard and it was paining inside my shorts.She used to send to my house some curries she made. She used to come into my house sometimes while i was eating. Once when she came to my house as i asked her to show me how to cook a curry, and she is doing it in our kitchen, i conversed with her little closely, saying that she looks very younger than uncle and he looks very old to her.I used to tell her that ladies of her age will be fat and out of shape while she looks very much in shape. One afternoon, when she was at my house, in kitchen, i dont remember how it started but i started telling her, in our discussion, that i always wanted to know how does it feel when i hug a girl, kiss her intimately.

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