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Please do NOT join Lunch Actually Dating Agency 1) Lunch Actually (LA) claims to match you with someone 'holistically' and taking into account your "preferences". Although it seems like the man has a wider pool of selection, male members are likely to end up going on dates with people who are poorly matched.They claim that the only thing they do not guarantee is chemistry. While most of the time, LA members are truthful abt their personal details, LA will LIE about it in order to 'create' a match. Eg, if you say you don't want to meet someone who drinks heavily, LA will LIE to you and cheat you into going on a date which they 'have painstakingly looked through and is a high match'. 3) LA allows members to request for a full refund within 7 days after going on their first date. We may be able to start the process of being humble, but to maintain and sustain it…we need the staying power of the Holy Spirit. I’m a big advocate of examining your life periodically. I have a difficult time understanding how we can remain comfortable in relationships of long amounts of time with no REAL-GROWN UP-MATURE-GODLY commitment. This is not a character trait that comes easy to us, humans who were born into a sinful nature. I am big on saying things out loud even if they seem very apparent and even if we think others should know this. So I say it out loud so we are all on the same page.4) Whenever LA's lies were found out and exposed, they will either insist that it was the member who had given them the wrong information (which is not always true) or they will brush it off by offering a free make up date.There's no point taking up the make up date because the same problem will repeat.One date cost a few hundred dollars, and you end up meeting someone you will not even consider. If you are not happy with your first date, you can get all your money back.Your date also ends up wasting his/her time as he/she had given truthful details to LA without knowing that LA had lied to you. So, you are likely to get someone decent on your first date. You first date may be someone you are looking for as LA may have matched him/her according to your criteria just to give you a false good impression.

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The matching is done using a computer system anyway. Lunch Actually needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.So LA will either LIE to member B or keep member B in the dark.In other words, LA makes use of their members to help them make more money from other people. that humility is a heart attitude, not merely an outward demeanor. You need to be accountable, because YOU don’t always make the right decisions. OK, maybe they don’t believe in all that, don’t need a piece of paper to prove that; but why not? Being together in a relationship means compromise has to come into play at some point, right? I’m just saying…a marriage license (yeah that piece of paper LOL) can be helpful…not hurtful. Wouldn’t you want the blessings that are set aside for the married? You have some good things laid aside waiting for you, as long as you stay under the will of God in the marriage.One may put on an outward show of humility but still have a heart full of pride and arrogance. The Beautitudes in Matthew 5 it states “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” The poor in spirit are those who are humble, lowly. If we do not have someone to keep us accountable, we can easily get off course. Women…the bible tells husbands to love their wives like Jesus loves the church. Are you aware how much Jesus loves us = the church? The blessings of marriage are endless as long as we are in the will of God in our marriage!

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