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While, traditionally, children tended to be told this information well into their teens (if at all), generally the consensus is that they should now be told at a younger age and in advance of their teens.

Children are starting puberty earlier and thus experiencing sexual feelings and adolescent crushes at younger ages.

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Parents worry a lot about what age to tell children about the facts of sex and are particularly concerned about telling children too much too soon.

In your own situation, it does sound like your daughter is ready to talk to you and it is important that you respond to her request.

I would suggest that you don’t see this as a single conversation with your daughter but rather as a series of conversations about relationships and sexuality.

As a result, they need support and information at younger ages to cope.

In addition, children now are exposed to sexual information at a younger age, whether this is the clear adult themes in soap operas on TV that they watch or within news stories they read or, indeed, in the conversations among their peers.

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