Validating a test accuracy of fossil dating methods

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The same concept holds true for startups in the real-world. There isn’t time to agonize over details that, in the end, may not matter.For that reason, successful teams get just enough information and data to make decisions. I like to adhere to the 80% rule — get just enough (valid) information from customer interviews and other sources of data and then make a decision.The Five Whys is a great technique for getting to the underlying reason — the real reason — behind a customer’s motivation.I encourage entrepreneurs to focus less on features and more on explaining the value proposition for their product. A value proposition is the expected gains that a customer would receive from using your product.Last month, I gave a talk at the opening night of Startup Weekend at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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These are your assumptions and the sooner you can test them, the less risk you will have when launching your product.As soon as you’ve made some basic decisions and written down your assumptions, get out to test them to see if they resonate with potential customers.I encouraged Startup Weekend attendees to get out on the street, but also to save valuable time by getting on the phone if the customer type warrants.Approach the conversation with a sense of curiosity about the customer’s problem and needs, and you’ll get some really valuable insight. ” is by far the most important question you can ask.With it you can get closer to the truth from customers.

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