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"There will always be a need for teen idols, something Jet Screamer was more than happy to provide in one of the early episodes.

This was an example of innovation in the real world, too -- the brief music video for 'Eep, Opp, Ork, Ah Ah,' which is mostly made up of graphics of the lyrics flashing on screen along with Screamer dancing and singing, was an early version of the modern music video, long before MTV even existed. ') and the name makes Jet Screamer almost prophetic in yet another way." Buildings in the Jetsons' era were not near the ground; they could be raised below or above the clouds as a way of dealing with the weather.

Rene has created a white, non-toxic, non-staining ceramic gel lubricant that will not harm your instruments finish and is "The perfect way to keep strings in tune and reduce breakage".That would make the commute from North America to Europe just 60 minutes rather than six hours via plane.Empathy is a messaging program which supports text, voice, video chat, and file transfers over many different protocols.Floating cities today aren't being envisioned in the air, but as buildings that float on the open sea.While not in use yet, prototypes are being drawn to help deal with overcrowding in cities on land. In one episode, Jane purchases a dress that can be lit up if it is plugged into a wall socket.

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