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After hearing the evidence in secret, the judge decided the family should no longer have contact with their mother — even though an American forensic expert who used computer analysis on handwriting testified that he was ‘99.9 per cent’ certain the letters were written by the man she ran off with.For months I have been following a terrifying case involving a council which cannot be named, and which has similarly been hidden away from public view by another judge of the same Court of Protection.

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Muds are spilling like a rushing river in our lands. v=Am2Kovf9_...=1&index=7 Jamie Foxx at the Apollo-Luther Vandross cover Albert Joseph Brown III (born June 4, 1968) is a three-time Grammy-nominated American R&B record producer, radio host, recording artist and actor.We now live in a country where ordinary people get locked up for taking their father to see a lawyer.Even in Iran they do not jail people for taking legal advice.’ Councillor Gwen Hassall, Stoke-on-Trent city council cabinet member for social services, said: ‘This is clearly an extreme case, but one that the Court of Protection supported the council on.

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