When men are dating several women

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When they ask that, I'd just say something like this: "Sure, I'm talking to other people, but most of the people on these sites are a little psycho. Tell ya what, lets talk about this over a coffee, my treat.. "With regard to online dating, I've had my fair share and I usually had fun with it.

Yes, you surely will end up talking to different people at the same time.

None of this was a secret and the people I met knew I was meeting others. When I met someone I was interested in getting to know better, I reverted to my one man at a time rule.

I don't get into the whole "online dating" scene, but I just met someone recently who I've been seeing and even if he is seeing other woman (as nothing is official with us at all and not even sure I'd want a relationship right now) I feel wrong if I see him one night and the next go out with another guy especially being that if things would work out with us I'd feel like a total dirtbag having been out with other men.

Always have another woman that you are exchanging emails with.

Here's the deal, I've had women break it off out of nowhere as early as after one email, to after agreeing to meet for a date and never hearing them again, to going out 5 times and sleeping together to hear from them that "she could never marry me".

Millennials are playing the dating game with new rules, and some of us are making them up as we go.If I find that nothing will work out with this guy then I'll move on, no point in stickin around if it wont turn into something!!I thought this was a reasonable expectation with online dating. I think that if it's just online, then sure, talk to as many people as you want.. But, as soon as you meet them in person and decide on a second date - all bets are off with the other chicks.At that point it was more just meeting people than actual dates.I talked and exchanged messages with more than one person at a time too.

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