Who is alanis morissette dating now

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In a nutshell: Kurt and Blaine have broken up; Blaine has returned to Lima, taken over the Warblers, and begun dating Dave Karofsky; and Rachel's TV pilot crashed and burned, leaving her to pick up the pieces of her own life and reboot the New Directions, which Sue (now terribly evil again after briefly dabbling in niceness) destroyed.

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When this incredible little mess of a show — and I say that with love — ends, I want to be sad to see it go.Kurt and Blaine fought bitterly and then split, but rather than sing about it, they both went to therapy.(It's weird to say because Darren Criss is only a couple of years younger than I am, but they both seem like such adults, breaking up in that restaurant as the rain came down.) Rachel's show got canceled, but rather than blustering about how she's misunderstood, she took the hit, let it soak in, and realized she's going to have to change if she wants to get her career back — not just wait for someone to come along and realize she's a star. Schue for help anymore — Rachel point-blank tells him she's way beyond the point of a pep talk about believing in herself. Schue's baby seems to be his only friend, and I can't tell if that's an upgrade or a downgrade from when his only friends were teenagers.I am hip to all of 's extra-long hiatus, I've thought a lot about what I'd like to see in these last ten episodes.There are definitely songs I'd love to hear and guest performers I'd love to see one more time.

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