Who is jensen ackles currently dating

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Which is why one of his co-stars ended up telling me everything.I had heard rumors before and daytime actors are well known for keeping their sexuality secret.It all started years ago when Jensen portrayed Eric Brady on Days Of Our Lives. In the soap opera world, sad to say, but no one really cares about your hidden secrets.But Jensen was well known among daytime actors as being someone to have around for a good time.

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But of course the role went to Tom Welling and Jensen went on to guest spots before getting the role of Jenn Lindley's baby daddy, C. But when Jensen had finally admitted he was leaving the show, Austin was heartbroken, says someone who co-starred with both of them on the show. Danneel Harris, for three years and becoming engaged,in November 2009,they married in Dallas on May 15.2010. Jensen is also a Model before start his roles as Actor. He turned to religion and got married very quickly.He became such a religious person and began publicly trying to recruit fellow cast members until the producers had had enough and let him go. But when he ran into some co-stars recently, he treated them as if they were lesser then him since he broke out of the daytime mold and they didn't.

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