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To gain inspiration for the look of the street, set designer Denis Parkin visited the backstreets of Salford, ending up in Archie Street in Ordsall which was filmed for the programme's title sequence.There were notable differences between Coronation and Archie Street, such as the lack of a pub and the row consisting of nine houses instead of seven, but these were not apparent in the sequence shot.The purpose of Florizel Street is to examine a community of this nature and, in doing so, entertain".On 25th August Granada, with some reluctance, commissioned a 12-part series written by Warren, with Stuart Latham as producer, H. Kershaw as script editor and Elton as its executive producer.The characters of Dennis Tanner, Ida Barlow, Albert Tatlock and Ena Sharples appeared in the dry run but were subsequently recast.The other pilot shot was the eventual Episode 3, which also featured the characters of Minnie Caldwell and Martha Longhurst (although not played by Margot Bryant and Lynne Carol).Before it went into production, also under the leadership of Latham, the title was changed to Coronation Street, after Agnes the tea lady remarked that "Florizel" sounded like a brand of disinfectant (although Kershaw states that Cecil Bernstein, one of Granada's founders, ordered the change).As the titular street would have been built at the turn of the century, "Coronation" and "Jubilee" were shortlisted by Latham, Elton and Kershaw, with the former being selected, referring to King Edward VII's 1902 coronation.

Florizel Street was intended to be shown in the 7.00pm slots on Wednesday and Friday evenings which Biggles occupied until 12th October and which was then filled by two new eight-part serials by Granada: The Odd Man on Wednesdays, and an adaptation of H. Wells' Kipps on Fridays which was directed by Stuart Latham.

Rather than begin work on a new script, Warren adapted Our Street for Granada under the title Florizel Street, set in a terraced street in Manchester.

The script would eventually become the first episode of Coronation Street.

Tony Warren had written about a cobbled backstreet consisting of seven terraced houses, with the Rovers Return public house at one end and a Corner Shop (initially an off-licence) at the other, providing the residents with places to meet and gossip.

Most of the main characters were present in early drafts of scripts - Rovers landlords Annie and Jack Walker, Frank and Ida Barlow, their student son Kenneth (who at that point had a sister called Enid), Glad Tidings Mission Hall caretaker and battleaxe Ena Sharples, bus driver Harry Hewitt and his daughter Lucille (then named Janice), shop owner Florrie Lindley, and the lower-class Tanners: Elsie and her grown up children Dennis and Linda.

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