Who is zak bagans dating in november 2016

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The man of the house seems to believe that it is an evil Native American spirit that is behind the haunting.

The home video footage is very very dodgy that the man has given.

One of my biggest secrets is that I am obsessed with the show ‘Ghost Hunters’ I would watch it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I could! I think that it is real and I don’t care what anyone says, ghosts are fucking everywhere!

There is probably one or two watching me write this blog right now! So it was recently reported that Zak Bagans bought this house for 35,000 after the current tenants started to have demonic things happen to them.

Much like MH, most of the times a show gets exposed as faked is during Live shows when obviously there is no time to edit and cover things up.

GA got caught out, but at least they addressed it in a respectable manner.

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