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According to weddingbee.com, the website dedicated to brides, only 9% of women met their future husband at a bar. Out of 156 people, only 6 people answered that they met their husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend at a “cafe/club/venue” which represents only 3,8% of committed people in this poll.So, it means that night pickup places are overrated.The media made people believe that online dating websites were accepted by women. I guess women are strongly outnumbered by men on any online dating websites.Also, i do think that meeting a beautiful & psychologically stable women online is an urban legend.Let’s be clear; marriage is only worth it if you marry a woman who earns as much as you or more because if a divorce takes place one day, you get back the money you have poured into the couple.

Also, financially independent women know the value of money.Many blogs & online newspapers are affiliates and they encourage you to subscribe to an online dating website because they get a commission out of it.The dating websites economy circle: They don’t care whether men meet anyone online.Still, many men are ready to marry unemployed women, they should think about marrying women who earn good money from a stable job position!In my life, I have noticed that the number one problem in couples was related to money and wives who turned to be heavy spenders.

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